Hyundai Water Dispenser (Hot&Cool)
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Hyundai Water Dispenser (Hot&Cool)

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IDE Hyundai Water Dispenser

2 type of water dispenser:

  • IDE 2000- Floor Standing
  • IDE 2001-Table Top


  • 5 Filter System

  • Alkaline Water System

  • 2 Temperature Purified Water (Hot&Cool)

  • Diret Piping

  • Made in Korea


  • Sleek Modern Design
  • 5 Perfect Purifying System
  • Water Capacity 5.6 Liter
  • Separately Hot&Cold Tank
  • Safety Lock System
  • High Tech Heat Sinking Plane

5 Phases Filtration

Step 1 Sediment Filter
  • Removers ordinary sediments (clay, rust, sand, etc)
  • In the water through 1~10micron(1/1,000mm) pores.
  • Easy to change and allows the customers to verify the filters level of contamination through naked eyes, providing an high reliability.

Step 2 Pre-carbon Filter
  • Activated carbons utilizing chemical absorption eliminates the chlorine generated during the process of treatment for the city water and also other organic compounds and odors to make the city water just as natural water.

Step 3 UF Membrane Filter
  • Remove general bacteria and coliform but pass minerals to provide beneficial water for human body. And enhance antibacterial function.

Step 4 Postcarbon Filter
  • Preventing the propagation of germs and eliminating odors melted into water and bad taste, coloring matter and then generate colorless and odorless clean drinking water.

Step 5 TCR-Carbon Filter
  • By eliminating odors and compounds of taste and color, it provides clean safe water.    

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